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Now you have a website, how do you get traffic to it to introduce your product or service? With the thousands of new sites being added daily what will separate yours from the rest? Sweepstakes offer an excellent way to gain publicity and exposure for your website.

As a publisher of a sweepstakes newsletter I recall when I came online the numbers of sites that were using sweepstakes as a promotion tool to bring people to their site. Sweepstakes have long been used as a marketing tool to gain name recognition and brand loyalty by national companies such as Coca-Cola, Nabisco, True Value and numerous other companies. You can get an idea of the numbers of sweeptakes simply by visiting my site.

The wonderful thing of being online is that it puts many companies small or large on level playing fields to attract visitors to their sites. Should you decide to use this marketing tool for your products or services there are some things you should keep in mind.

By creating a sweepstakes you will be able to gain invaluable recognition and bring traffic to your site in numbers, keeping in mind you follow a few guidlelines. This is a wonderful marketing tool to announce your promotion to newsgroups, online sweepstakes groups, and search engines. Using this marketing tool will build your traffic and bring new potential customers for your products or services.

If your site features craft products you can gain exposure by chatting it up and posting on bulletin boards and free ads. Get the word out and depending on the prizes and frequency of the drawings you will be able to sustain a traffic flow for months.

Using a feedback form on the sweepstakes page can give you feedback on your site, or your product or service. Perhaps you have a new product: giving some away as a prize can also offer you forum for feedback. By using your own products or services as a prize, this will target your audience to people who are interested in it.

Build a list of potential customers by asking them to check a box if they would be interested in receiving emails, a newsletter, updates, or possibly receiving a catalog of your products. One site that I entered at gives away replica John Deere tractors and this man has tactfully been able to send updates on his site announcing products he has added or featuring for Christmas. A great traffic builder and definitely a great way to build sales is staying in touch with the customer. Be sure however to ask in your form for permission to send more information.

Another great way is announcing winners! By sending a simple yet effective email you can announce the winner or winners of your ongoing sweeptakes. This gives you an opportunity to once again go to the potential customer or client. I personally have used this method in a sweeptakes that I sponsor and give away a prize every two weeks. Giving me an opportunity to email again and to announce the winner in sweepstakes newsgroups.

What do I need to do you ask to start a sweeptakes promotion?

* Offer a full description of the product or service you are giving away.
* Include an email address and contact person if anyone has questions.
* Give information about the company offering the sweepstakes.
* Include an offer to contact them later, receive a catalog, free email newsletter, or special discounts.
* Clear and concise set of rules.

Listing the rules is very important in conducting a sweeptakes. Be sure to include the number of entries allowed, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or one time. Don't forget to mention the restricitons or limits, such as if open to USA residents only or international. Give your promotion a name or title. Include drawing dates and other relevant information to your particular promotion.

How do I set up an entry method? You can accomplish this in two ways, either by email or by using a form. I prefer the form since this way you can ask questions for feedback on your site, whether or not they want to receive more information, free email newsletter, or a free catalog. The use of a well-planned form can help you accomplish your marketing tasks.

Be sure to check for local legalities of running a sweeptakes. There are sites on the internet which can answer any questions you may have about sweepstakes promotions and the legalities. For more specific answers and articles on law in the area of sweeptakes visit the Arent Fox Contests & Sweepstakes Law Site:

Sweeptakes is a hobby to many people and have long been used for a marketing tool by major corporations and now you can use them also to gain recognition and build your web traffic. This offers you a great way to gain exposure and offer discounts, coupons, discounts, and build a name list. Keep in mind this is just another way to build site traffic and with proper planning and use it will accomplish your goals. Good luck with this great marketing tool.

Once you set your up your sweepstakes promotion you may want to start your publicity campaign to announce it and get it listed with sweepstakes sites on the internet. Here are ten of the best places to get started.


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